Alla Anashenkova


Alla is an IT/OT hybrid with experience building operations management, big data & AI technology from an end-to-end perspective at Tesla & Walmart. As an advisor to Nimi, she drives the company’s DEI initiatives and places a major focus on how to build an organisation that is attractive to women.


She has as Masters in Business Administration degree with a focus on international business and supply chain and operations management from Golden Gate University in San Francisco, California. Alla has a comprehensive end-to-end supply chain and operations management experience in conjunction with a valuable information systems background. 


Alla is currently Head of Product and Sales Engineering at ThroughPut Inc. where she is building innovative software solutions to help companies navigate the global supply chain crisis. She brings a wealth of knowledge from Tesla, the Silicon Valley-based electric and autonomous vehicle pioneer led by global entrepreneur, Elon Musk, which recently overtook Volkswagen as the second most valuable automotive company in the world, and right on the heels of the just-in-time, lean manufacturing giant, Toyota. At Tesla, Alla spent nearly eight years navigating through supply chain nuances while scaling production over 100x. Prior to Tesla, she worked with Walmart eCommerce leading project initiatives in the transportation & logistics segment for Walmart.