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Over my 15+ year career of shipping enterprise-class software products and APIs, I had experienced the workforce shortage for skilled labour worsen, particularly in the last few years. As a product leader, I needed to innovate, so we hired fast, from Israel, Eastern Europe, India and Latin America. And then I wondered “why are these teams not diverse?”, and “why am I not hiring engineers from Sri Lanka?” These questions came to be in the middle of the pandemic, when a lot of people were experiencing hardship and was the genesis for founding Nimi. Our mission is to upskill the Sri Lankan workforce without bias by matching high-growth Fintech companies with talented Sri Lankan experts.

Dilip Ramachandran

CEO and Chief Product Therapist

Nimi Core​

Help fast growing companies grow by building enterprise software solutions and API platforms using the latest technologies and frameworks.

Nimi Grow

Participate in recruiting, grooming and training the next generation of Nimians. Looking for master trainers and technologists.


Join our Sri Lankan innovation lab that is building enterprise software products that improve product engineering teams’ productivity.

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