by Yashodya Thathsarani


What’s your purpose?

It’s tough to remember the first time that I heard the age-old question about, “what’s your purpose in life?”. I’ve heard it so many times.  Back then, I was like a feather caught up in the wind, floating wherever the wind took me. But things started to change when everything in my life started to get serious; I’m talking about the typical rough-tough university life here. I mean, no kidding, we all can relate to that! Anyway, it got me into thinking (seriously).


I recall waking up in the morning and asking myself a simple question, “what am I looking forward to today?” Sure, there was the usual riff-raff I had to go through for the day, but I realized I didn’t have “the” exact answer to the question. I felt that I was living an extremely boring and meaningless life. But then I really started to dive into the question, “what is my purpose in life and what am I going to do in the future?”


I went through my day as normal and took note of what made me feel like I had a purpose. I realized the things that made me feel purpose were the things that I enjoyed the most. I realized that the highlights of my day were the parts that went by the fastest. To me, I found that learning how the business world works, helping those who needed it most, leisure time like talking to friends and socializing, and the time set apart for music were the most enjoyable. Not only was I having a good time with these things, but I was also trying hard and getting results through my efforts. These may have felt the shortest, but they definitely were more enjoyable. To the question about what I really want to do for a living; well, I finally found the answer!

I want to help people throughout my life and make an impact in the community by means of a career and then I realized it was time to stop letting the wind decide where I should go; so I took control and told myself, “If I’m a feather in the wind, I’m going to make sure I reach out to the sky!” And my doors opened with Nimi.

Do you agree that the sky is your limit?

I do. As I never doubt in staying focused to what I do at my best and never going to let anything slower or stop from concurring my dreams until I make it happen and the sky will be the limit in the journey.


You might think I’m just another candidate who applied for an opportunity on LinkedIn. Does that mean I apply for everything that I see on LinkedIn? Of course not! But why you may question. I’m confident with what I’m capable of doing. So, if the job role description matches my abilities; if I feel capable of managing what has been listed as responsibilities; and if the specific job role is conceivable; then that’s all I need.


It’s a “yes” from me to apply for that particular position.


For me, LinkedIn is the best place to find a job. It can bring so many professional aspects into a life filled with excitement and positivity.

I was already feeling the pressure from previous interviews when I was applying for Nimi’s. But I was determined. All my interviews helped me gain more experience. I could build up my courage and I was confident. I was satisfied with how I faced the interview with Nimi (if I say so myself). I had hope.

“Preparing for a job interview is critical, but pray that it is the right job for you”, is the most important question that anyone should raise. You do this by looking beyond the requirements and responsibilities posted on the job – see it as an opportunity to grow a step taller than your current state. Upon participating in the interview with Nimi, the first thing that came to my mind was, “am I going to be the best fit?” There can be so many people who are capable of performing the job, but I trust my work.


Why Talent Acquisition?

You may wonder the reason why I selected Talent Acquisition as my career path? Once (undesirably at first) I fell into the recruitment path. I gradually started to build up interest.  My job was to handle candidates who apply for vacancies. It felt great. And I wanted to help others like me to pursue their career goals. Those are the people who are going to become valuable assets to the organization one day. They find purpose through the motivation from getting selected for a particular opportunity. I would also recommend this job title as a service for anyone to grow in their career ladder. Talent Acquisition is not just about recruitment, it defines a whole spectrum in terms of Human Resources Management.


About Nimi

Nimi matches high-growth US-based startups with diverse and highly-skilled talent based out of Colombo, Sri Lanka. As a boutique software development agency, Nimi focuses on quality and training, dedicated to building a culture of unity, transparency, and growth. On behalf of testimonials of every single Nimian who joined recently, you will fine an amazing culture. Anyone would experience the same thought even from the very first interview. A candidate-friendly recruitment team, and a working family as an organization serving generations for family members and the values and norms of the organization become a part of Nimi’s legacy.


It is okay to feel anxious about any of the opportunities to which you will get selected to. But most importantly the values that an organization offers to you and your loved ones are the best working environments for you to suit yourself in making you feel comfortable while being inclusive.