Dushan Anuradha is a Test Automation Engineer at Nimi, working on enterprise web application test automation. He is experienced in full-stack web development, and further, developing his web automation and manual testing skillset.


After his graduation in Urban Planning in 2016, Dushan worked as an urban planner in disaster risk management sector in Sri Lanka for 3 years. Driven by his insatiable passion for IT, he then shifted his career as a web developer to master the relevant skills. Inspired to be in QA, he taught himself web automation and manual testing. Dushan currently follows an MSc in Computer Science to sharpen his programming skills. There, he has found the interests in android app development and Arduino programming as his leisure time activities.


Dushan is an enthusiastic force in the workplace using his positive attitude and tireless energy to work hard and succeed, inspired by the tales of the successful professionals, leaders in the world. Being so passionate about music, Dushan loves to play the piano and guitar in his free time and has formed an acoustic music band with his university friends too. Further, Dushan likes to play cricket, chess, and karate as well and loves to travel.