NimiKash is a mobile app solution crafted for the IT Workforce where they can manage their cash flow. The application provides features to display monthly income & spending along with disposable income. Additional modules feature paystubs and financial literacy.


Echelon is an online tool that enables businesses to successfully plan their goals and resources while managing the appropriate use of digital resources. An organization’s mission, vision, strategy and success metrics are meant to convey the character and objectives of the business to potential partners, employees and financiers. To inform choices and mold the firm as it expands this tool primarily aids in allocating capital costs to the enterprise. Planning can be hastened by using a pre-built solution.

Resume Graph

Resume Graph is an ideal invention that translates experiences provided in a LinkedIn profile into a graphical picture of the professional influence over time. This is a tutorial on how to include your own professional narrative into your own portfolio-and how a Resume graph may assist you in telling your story timeline using graphical notations on a canvas.