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Project Echelon

Echelon is an online tool that enables businesses to successfully plan their goals and resources while managing the appropriate use of digital resources. An organization’s mission, vision, strategy, and success metrics are meant to convey the character and objectives of the business to potential partners, employees, and financiers. To inform choices and mold the firm as it expands, this tool primarily aids in allocating capital costs to the enterprise. Planning Can Be Hastened by Using a Pre-Built Solution.

Users may effectively and accurately plan, track, and manage targets with the use of Interactive Gantt Charts. Directly on the Gantt chart, users may add and establish objectives, specify start dates, make estimates, define work in progress limits, and order strategic themes. The user-friendly drag-and-drop interface makes updating estimations and details simple.

The internal organization of a corporation will be displayed in the organizational chart. Nodes ought to reflect the workers and job titles. The levels must be connected for edge linkages. This should produce a crystal-clear visual representation of the hierarchy of the many individuals, positions, and teams that comprise the business.

A built-in ROI calculator and modeling tool, which can help you quickly reach an agreement with your executive team and simplify board preparation. The solution is prepared to generate reports with appealing presentable data centered on the decision-making process and is being introduced as a forthcoming feature for the product.