Rayan Aradha is a computer science undergraduate from the University of Jaffna where he maintained his overall GPA above 3.5 and led two successful university projects. After graduation he started his industrial journey with Nimi as an Associate Software Engineer. At Nimi, Rayan is working on innovative products with the NimiX team and growing himself as a professional.


Rayan is a quick learner and is able to apply them effectively at the pace Nimi moves at. He has good skills in developing Javascript web components, problem-solving skills and exceptional coding skills in Java.


Rayan’s home town is Bandarawela and he is the eldest son of his family. Since his childhood, he was interested in mathematical problems and puzzles, so it was natural he would dive into programming and algorithms at university. Rayan likes to learn all the time and share his knowledge and experience with others. He believes programmers have incredible powers to change the world into a better place and glad he can be a part of this movement.