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Fast growing Tech companies choose Nimi

Whether it is figuring out your product-market fit, or go-to-market strategy, Nimi is the partner who can give you the guidance and tools to set your strategic direction, execute on it.

Product Advisory

We help great companies define their strategy and prepare their leaders, the org and individuals for growth.

Payments Advisory

Guidance on navigating the complex technology ecosystem of FinTech infrastructure providers. 

Staff Augmentation or Development

Looking to add a few developers or an entire pod to accelerate an initiative or provide 24/7 coverage? We can help.

Grow with Nimi

Our expertise
API and UI Test Automation

Implementation of test automation frameworks for web applications or API libraries to improve product quality free your team to focus on core software development.

B2B Enterprise Applications

Onboarding dashboards, analytical systems and powerful back office control centers as web and and mobile applications targeted for adoption by business users.

API Developer Platforms

Documentation, developer tooling, SDKs and API standards and everything else to build a platform to attract developers.

Grow with Nimi

With Nimi’s staff augmentation model, you can scale up and scale down dedicated teams in unison with your product strategy and roadmap.

Grow with Nimi

Our developers only work on the most advanced technologies

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